Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adult Day Care Center Information

The most recent nationwide survey of adult day centers confirmed over 4,600 centers operating in the United States providing care for 150,000 care recipients each day.¹ Nearly 78 percent of adult day centers are operated on a nonprofit or public basis and the remaining 22 percent are for profit.¹ 70 percent of adult day centers are affiliated with larger organizations such as home care, skilled nursing facilities, medical centers, or multi-purpose senior organizations. The average age of the adult day center care recipient is 72¹, and two-thirds of all adult day center care recipients are women. Thirty-five percent of the adult day center care recipients live with an adult child, 20% with a spouse, 18% in an institutional setting, 13% with parents or other relatives, while 11% live alone.¹ Fifty-two percent of the adult day center care recipients using adult day services centers nationwide have some cognitive impairment.¹ Daily fees for adult day services vary depending upon the services provided. The national average rate for adult day centers is $61 per day (includes 8-10 hours on average) compared to an average rate for home health aides of $19 per hour.² Funding for adult day services comes from fees for service and third party payers, as well as public and philanthropic sources. The average capacity of adult day centers is 40. ² The average adult day center care recipient to staff ratio is 6:1. ²


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