Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Medicare Funding for Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care Centers are typically funded by Medicaid and private pay clients. However, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (CA) has announced the introduction of the Medicare Adult Day Services Act of 2012 (H.R. 6476) which would provide more cost-effective, skilled care options for seniors, people with disabilities, and familiesin the Medicare program.

H.R. 6476 would allow pateints who qualify for home health services or nursing home care under the Medicare program to choose the option of adult day care services instead. By paying adult day care providers 98% of the home health rate, the "medicare adult day services  act of 2012 could also yeild savings to medicare.

In addition to increasing choices for seniors and people with disabilities, the Medicare Adult Day Services Act of 2012  bill would provide a vital service to family caregivers. While taking care of loved ones, these caregivers lose an average of $659,139 in wages, pension benefits, and social security  benefits over a lifetime, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance. By providing this adult care choice to medicare beneficiaries, H.R. 6476 helps protecct a family's economic weel-being, with out adding to the cost of Medicare.

Congresswoman Sanchez also introduced Medicare Adult Day Care legislation in the 111th Congress which garnered support for 98 co-sponsors  and over 100 state and national consumer and provider organizations.

This has all been stated by the National Adult Day Services Association.