Friday, April 13, 2012

How adult day care is shaping the healthcare field

There are more than 4,600 adult day services centers across the U.S. — a 35% increase since 2002.

• More than 260,000 participants and family caregivers are serviced — an increase of over 100,000, or 63%, since 2002.

Adult Day care has become an integral part of the healthcare continuum for the elderly and for people with developmental disabilities since its inception 25 years ago in the United States. It cares for the elderly by helping them with Daily activities of Living, by supressing their loneiness, giving them a place to go to every day to visit with friends and in some cases has saved their lives. There is an adult day care center in Bayonne, New Jersey who's nurses were so attentive to their clients physical states that they noticed small changes in their health which led to them calling the client's doctors. They reported the changes to the doctors, the clients were seen by their doctors and life changing procedures were done to save their lives. Both clients are still happily attending the adult day care center.

Adult day care and Assisted Living Group, LLC has been assisting nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, entrepeneurs and Universities to start successful adult day care centers for the past 18 years. It is our pleasure to serve you and to make Adult Day Care the leading choice in daily senior care in the United States. We have also assisted Poland, Spain, the Virgin Islands, Argentina and China create Adult Day Care Centers.

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