Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Wanderer's Bracelet

We have posted a new product for people in your adult day care or assisted living facilities that assists people with dementia or Alzheimers. This bracelet is the latest in technology. It has a GPS Tracking system that the facility or an individual can monitor in real time. It also has a two way communication device so that you may speak with the person who is wearing the bracelet. Plus it has a SOS button if the person is in need of help they can just push the SOS button and the monitoring station, the assisted living facility or adult day care center will get notified and get help to the person right away.

This bracelet also comes as a clip so it can be clipped on a wheelchair or belt. The GPS system is monitored by a station in Reading, PA , one of only two centers in the country. The gps system is so strong that if the person goes to another state it will track them there as well.

This bracelet will allow for people to travel out of state and still be monitored, it will assist if an assisted living facility or adult day care center is taking people on a trip so they wont wander from the group or if they do they can be found very quickly.

It also detects falls so people can feel safe while wearing it in the home or their cottage in Independent living.

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