Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Personal Experience

A funny thing happened to our family. After 17 years of starting and promoting adult day care we finally needed to have a relative utilize the services of an adult day care.

Our elderly aunt had a mild stroke, she lived alone and was ok'd for out patient therapy by the hospital and rehabilitation staff there. She could still dress herself, walk with some weakness in her legs and her hand was weak but all her faculties were still there. We searched for the closest adult day care to her home and found two. She went to each one and found one that she felt she could fit into and already knew some of the clients. She began the adult day care but the physical therapy wasn't enough so we paid extra for them to take her to another physical therapy facility. She had an aide at night for the first week for our peace of mind and so she could get stronger walking at night to the bathroom.

She thought of this as a temporary solution and we told her it was. But she's made friends there and the socialization is wonderful. She has found other people who have had strokes there and they have something to start a conversation with. We don't worry about her being alone in the home and falling or needing care. She a very independent woman. When her physical therapy is over I hope she continues to stay at the center if not every day but on some days. Adult day care has worked out as a perfect solution.

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